Do you need to clean out toxic relationships?


Are you still worried about being liked by everyone? Doing your best not to be too out there? Afraid of offending someone?

The fact is that not everyone is going to like us and we're not going to like everyone else. Rather than seeing that as a shortfall, we can see it as a relief. Imagine if everyone wanted a piece of you at all times. Can you say EXHAUSTION? 

Sometimes we share a leg of the journey with someone very closely and then there comes a point when our paths diverge. Whether it's a romantic relationship, a friendship, or even a business relationship, it doesn't mean someone is bad or wrong, it just means that our time together isn't right now.

While it can be sad to part ways, it's better to stay true to your own path than to inauthentically walk on someone else's just for the sake of being together.

As a mom, I have chosen to prioritize my family over friends (and even my former business). That choice hasn't always been well-received. Even though I still care too much about being liked by others, I am dedicated to practicing the things that make me sane—like the biggest one of making sure I'm living MY life, rather than a version that I think someone else wants me to live.

It's easier when the parting is amicable, though it's rare. Pain happens and yet suffering doesn't have to be part of the deal. Knowing when it's time to lovingly say goodbye— even if it's just for now—can help. 

Toxic relationships are no good for anyone. Lovingly let them go. Allow space. And see what grows in its place. You just might be surprised at who shows up. =)

With love,


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