VIDEO: How Self-Compassion Can Support Racial Justice

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I've made a mistake. Actually, I've made lots of mistakes, but this is a big one.

In my worry about making a misstepping, I've kept too quiet about something that really matters to me.

As I wake up to the injustices that have been there all along, more and more, I am looking for ways I can help. I'm hearing other white people say the same.

It's important that we have these conversations, that we listen to voices from people of color, and that we open ourselves to learning.

The emotional labor of this education needs to come from engaging with, reading, and watching what's already available and sharing it with each other, not asking your Black friend what to do about racism.

As a white person in western culture and the U.S. specifically, I sometimes wonder how I can possibly even consider self-compassion.

In my role as Worship Associate as the Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains (a non-churchy church), I shared my reflections as part of our exploration of this topic in our online service on Sunday, June 7. The video above is my reflection.

This is a conversation we've been having and will continue to have. I invite you to join us for our online Sunday services at 10:30am Pacific. If you're interested, just ask me for the Zoom link.

In solidarity for justice,

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