The Most Common Place Most People Hear Their Intuition


This week, we’re continuing with part two of my series on How to Magnify Your Intuition.

Why bother with this intuition stuff anyway?

Imagine making decisions effortlessly, living with less stress, and feeling confident that you’re on track with life. Just like moving your body, the more you exercise your intuition, the stronger it will become and the easier, more relaxed, and enjoyable your life will be.

Last week, I shared the four “clair” senses.

Today, let’s look at how you can exercise your intuitive muscles. As with most muscles, intuition gets stronger with practice and use. There are practices that can help. I’ll touch on that here.

I invite you to make it a game to play with those messages that come your way. The ones that can’t be explained by you having read it somewhere or heard it from an embodied person.

The easiest way to practice is with those little thoughts you might be talking yourself out of. For example:

Intuition: “Take this exit.”
Mind: “No, this isn’t my exit; I always take the next exit.”
I: “Really. Take this one.”
M: “Nah, there’s no reason you’re saying that. Even those both exits will get me there, taking the other one just doesn’t make sense.”
I: “You just missed the exit I suggested you take.”
M: “Ugh! Now I’m sitting in traffic that I could’ve avoided if I’d taken the earlier exit. Why didn’t I just listen and do it?”
I: “Maybe next time.”

Things like this happen so much more often than we realize. If you notice you’re talking yourself out of something, stop and pay attention. Ask yourself—Is there really a downside to just following that thought? If not, do it!

If you choose to listen to your intuition, you’ll notice more flow in your day-to-day.

Here’s another one: Have you ever been out running errands and thought about something to add to your list but discounted it only to find that your life would’ve been easier had you listened? Yep, that was your intuition talking to you.

And the number one place creative ideas to pour in is when we’re in the shower. Ever wonder why? There’s something magical about the warmth, water, quiet, and solitude that makes space for intuitive awareness to arise. So much brilliance comes through there.

By accessing this powerful tool, you can reduce stress, build confidence, feel safer, make better choices, and tap deeper into your creativity.

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