The Truth About Multi-tasking


Have you ever realized you've been looking at your screen for hours and got completely distracted from what you started out doing?

You're not alone, and it's not because you are personally bad at multi-tasking. The reality is that no one is good at multi-tasking; the human brain just doesn't work that way.

The age of the internet is changing our brains and negatively impacting our ability to focus.

Check out this short video to understand why:

The good news is that there's a way around this. We can protect our precious brains by stepping away from the screen and into the present moment. This is where mindfulness and meditation can help to train the brain to do less and be more calm and still. Bonus: Your memory will improve and you'll be smarter! 

I used to think I was a total flunky at meditation. My mind just wouldn't quiet down. But then, I learned that the point of meditation is to bring the mind back once it drifts, and in fact, the more we drift, the more we can exercise the recentering muscle. This is part of the process and not at all a failure!

Knowing that has made a huge difference for me and helped me appreciate my meditation practice even more. How about you? Do you think you're good at multi-tasking? Have you ever meditated? If you do, how are doing with your meditation—are you getting it or do you feel like a failure?

Are there areas where you could use support? I'd love to help!

Now, how 'bout taking a step away from the screen for a bit? ;-)

With love,


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