Why I Don't Want to Go Back to "Normal"


I've noticed a surprising feeling of grief about things "going back to normal." I don't want to go back. Our system is deeply dysfunctional and there is so much to fix. How will we ever do it all? I don't know.

There are things I like about the way it is right now. Yes, I know that I am in a very privileged position and there are billions who are suffering and it's not ideal. And yet, consumption is down and that is such a good thing.

In my version of re-envisioning our world, the broken things would be healed and privilege would be spread out. We would have our needs met, take care of each other, and significantly reduce consumption. Fear and scarcity would lessen and we would give from a generous heart, rather than hoard. Greed would dissolve and we would live harmoniously with all Beings on the planet, recognizing that we each have our own purpose in life and a desire to live in sovereignty.

I know I'm a dreamer, a visionary, and ya know what? I like me that way.

Just imagine the world we could co-create if we all allowed ourselves to release the way we think things have to be because that's the way they've been. Imagine if we could be free of illusions and the delusional, sick, toxic aspects of greed culture.

Just. Imagine.

Image Credit: Plant Based News


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