Why I Shaved My Hair

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On April 30, we did a thing, Olivia (our 13-year-old) and me. I've wanted to do this for a few years now. It's a reclaiming of myself, my body, my life. Releasing the past, what no longer serves me, and maybe never did.

Living in a culture that has tried to define and tell me who I should be got in the way of my ability to see what I believe and who I truly am. I am now living more in My Truth. It's a process, for sure, and I expect it will be a lifelong journey.

And so, Olivia shaved my hair. It was such an empowering experience to share. I love that this is what's up for me as she's navigating her adolescence and choosing what she wants to take on and what she doesn't, in terms of the dominant culture. No coincidences. 

This part of my path is about fully embodying my body. My movement practice has been a tremendous gift for discovering the freedom to choose how I want to move my body and how I want to live in this body. I'm considering developing something new with this. For now, I invite you to move your body from the inside out.

I love my life and have such deep appreciation for every being who has been a teacher on this marvelous ride called Life. Thank YOU for the role you hold in my world.

This act also marks celebrating one year in recovery from childhood trauma. I am deeply grateful for the spiritual brilliance contained within the Twelve Steps—amazingly ahead of their time. If you ever want to ask me about my experience with this ever-unfolding wisdom, you know where to find me. And now that 12-step meetings are online, they may be even more accessible for you.

With love, joy, and hope,


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